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Lactec Embrapii Unit – Embedded Electronics

Lactec was certified by Embrapii – Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa e Inovação Industrial – to execute research and development projects (R&D) in the industrial area.

The main goal is to encourage the sector to innovate and with more technological intensity, boosting the competitive strength of the companies in the internal market as well as in the international market, and to achieve this, Embrapii contributes with financial aid up to 1/3 of the project’s total amount.

The accreditation of Lactec reinforces its expertise in the execution of innovative research and development projects, and provides the opportunity to companies in the industrial area to seek improvements or to create new products and systems, using embedded electronics.

Participating in this program, it is possible to innovate quickly and investing less, taking advantage of the expertise of Lactec in generating extraordinary results in R&D projects, technological services, consultancies and training for many industrial segments.

Embedded Electronics

Innovation and features for your product

Embedded electronics expands the features of products through development and improvements in equipment and systems composed by microprocessors with dedicated software.

It is a part of several technologies around us: in smartphones, cars and household appliances, computers, electric distribution networks or in central monitoring stations for people and objects. Its application makes it possible for the “internet of things” to come true, allowing everything around us to be interconnected.

In this universe of technologies, Lactec seeks innovative solutions in embedded electronics that combine:

  • High performance processing with low cost and mobility;
  • Communication capacity – through radio, GPRS or satellite;
  • Information and control at your fingertips, anywhere you are.

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 It is possible to innovate with low costs

With Embrapii’s Financial Aid, we transform ideas in results

With Lactec, your company can benefit from Embrapii’s Financial Aid and still use other fiscal incentive programs like “Lei de Informática” and “Lei do Bem”. Contact us and learn about all possibilities to enable your project.

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