• Development of equipment for the electric system
  • Energy efficiency
  • Alternative energy sources and distributed generation
  • Special measurements and testing in the field
  • Electric energy markets
  • Computational modeling applied to the electric system
  • Operation of electric systems
  • Thermal simulations
  • Electric vehicles
  • Technological control of construction work
  • Diagnostics of reinforced concrete structures
  • Field testing and accelerated laboratory testing for concrete
  • Inspection of construction work, supervision, and auditing
  • Geoprocessing
  • Aerial laser mapping and photogrammetry
  • Materials (insulating, metallic, polymers, elastomers, and composites)
  • Radiography and industrial tomography
  • Control and analysis of oils and insulating fluids for electrical equipment
  • Gaseous chromatography
  • Structural integrity, instrumentation, and testing
  • Welding and thermal spraying
  • Environmental studies
  • Air quality and atmospheric emissions
  • Software development
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality, and three-dimensional modeling systems